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The "Cost of Smoking" Financial Calculator

The "Cost of Sin" Financial Calculator

Do You Like Money?

                    Do You Want To Save 

                    More in the Long Term?

                                 Do You Or Does Someone 

                            Close To You Smoke?

Then See Below!!

The "Cost of Smoking" 

Financial Calculator

"Cost of Smoking" Installation and Operational Bugs
  If you like this program think about a donation and 20% will go to charities (see below under Donations and Charities)






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Download The "Cost of Smoking" Financial Calculator for Windows 95, 98, XP, and Vista (This product was tested on 1 Vista computer and did work properly but PLEASE install from the Windows installation executable).  This program is not available for Apple/ Mac based systems.

Click here to download the Windows installation executable (preferred for Win 95, 98, XP and necessary for MS VISTA installation!!)

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Click here to download installation as a ZIP file

Note:  For ease and simplicity, All files related to this program installs in a single user defined folder or directory.  To uninstall this program one only needs to delete or erase the installation folder.  For ZIP installations, it may be necessary to run VBRun60sp6.exe to install  runtime files for Visual Basic programs and place vbstkit.dll in the system32 subdirectory of ones main Windows folder (included in ZIP files).


WHAT IS THIS PROGRAM?: Modeled after classic mortgage calculators but with greater detail, this program calculates the amount of money "one could save" if one didn't spend that money on cigarettes while smoking during user specified time periods in the past and projected time periods in the future. 





DONATIONS AND CHARITY For those who believe this program is has merit (or for any other reason), the authors of this program provide facility to donate via PayPal (see above) to offset costs of program development and deployment.  20% of all donation proceeds will be split into 5 equal portions and donated to good charitable organizations in the following areas:
  • Lung Cancer
  • Alzheimers Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lung or Asthma
  • Animal Welfare
WHY WOULD THIS PROGRAM CONVINCE ANYONE TO REDUCE SMOKING, QUIT SMOKING OR NOT BEGIN SMOKING?:  Because the results hits one right where it hurts. SMACK DAB IN THE POCKETBOOK!! There are a number of areas where antismoking campaigns focus upon including "smoking causes disease", "smoking stinks", "smoking reduces life span", "smoking ruins your appearance", etc.. This program provides one more reason to quit or minimize ones smoking habit. 

Let's look at an example emphasizing one segment of the population: OUR CHILDREN!! -->  You see, due to peer and other pressures, they disregard most antismoking efforts. One reason is they believe they are immune or even immortal smoking related disease.  They think --> It can't happen to me!!  On the other hand, if a 13 year old realizes that smoking a pack a cigarettes a day can cost in the range of $30-60,000 over 10 years, the Corvette they dream about can turn into a used Yugo or no car at all. The aspect of "high smoking cost" may enhance antismoking sentiment and curtail our children from lighting up that first cigarette.


CAN USERS FREELY DISTRIBUTE THIS PROGRAM?:  YES!!! ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY! The developers of this program would appreciate maximizing distribution of this free program as much as is humanly possible.  Furthermore, we would appreciate distribution to the following groups or associations:
  • Anti-Smoking
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Lung and Asthma
  • Schools: Grammar, High School, Colleges, and Universities with Special Emphasis on Antismoking Groups within Those Facilities.
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Smoking and Medical Related Web Sites, Newsgroups, Message Boards, Blog Masters
CAN THIS PROGRAM HARM YOUR COMPUTER?:  Any program can cause problems but this program is a pure Visual Basic application made to be as harmless as possible. 
  • This program was found to be VIRUS FREE via checking by Zonealarm Virus Protection, Viruscan, and Symantec Norton Antivirus
  • This program contains no Adware (except for one command button with home website which one can hide by clicking one button anytime after you open the program).
  • There is absolutely no Spyware.
  • This program will not create any cookies or extraneous files on your computer.
  • This program will not contact any entity on the internet, will NOT upload any user information and will not download any files whatsoever.
  • To minimize any computer conflicts, all files program related files resides in the one and only folder the user designates.  The program related files are not shared with any other program to minimize conflicts.  To uninstall the program one only needs to delete the designated program installation folder (one can uninstall using Windows add/remove programs as long as the program was installed using the Windows installation program and not any of the ZIP installations).
WHAT SMOKING PARAMETERS DOES ONE HAVE CONTROL OVER?:  For either PAST or FUTURE smoking calculations, you can control the following parameters:
  • Smoking Starting and Stopping Dates with up to 4 time periods that can be separated in time with where each period can have different parameters (as listed below).
  • The number of cigarettes (packs or single cigarettes) smoked per day.
  • The cost per pack of 20 cigarettes.
  • The increase in the cost of cigarettes over time as a percentage increase or the initial and final cost of cigarettes during the set time period.
  • The yearly savings rate you can achieve on banked assets (interest rate, return on investment, etc...).
  • The yearly inflation rate that depreciates the value of banked assets over time.
Separately, you can determine PAST cost of smoking as well as costs of smoking during time periods in the FUTURE. The combined cost of both PAST and FUTURE smoking is shown along with month to month smoking costs.


EXAMPLE: What would the results of this smoking calculator give in this typical but severe example of smoking costs. Consider the Following scenario -->
  1. You are 14 and start smoking. 
  2. By the time you are 15 you are smoking 2 packs a day and let this be the starting point for the smoking calculation.
  3. You smoke 2 packs a day for the next 35 years at which point you reach 50 years of age.
  4. You live in a big metropolis with heavy taxes and the initial cost (circa 2008) of a pack of cigarettes is $7.00
  5. The cost of cigarettes rises 10% per year on average (this is actually somewhat conservative based on past cigarette cost increases over time).
  6. You are good investor and have achieved the ability to generate 9% gains on any saved money on average over the years.
  7. The yearly inflation rate, on average, is 3%
The results are as follows:
  • The direct "out of your pocket" cash you have spent on cigarettes for those 35 years totals about 575,000 dollars ($575,000).
  • The amount of money you could have saved given your ability to invest at 9% with real value lessened by the 3% inflation rate is near ONE MILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000).
  • The cost of cigarettes 35 years in the future when you are 50 years old will be about $85 per pack of 20 cigarettes or about $4 per cigarette (and believe me this is not fantasy).