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"Cost of Smoking" Bugs and Installation Problems

Installation Problem: After you unzip and run the setup program you receive an error message stating : Setup cannot find '...Cost_of_Smoking_Setup.LST'. Setup is aborting...

Installation Solution:  Just rename Cost_of_Smoking_setup.exe to setup.exe and the program should install fine


Runtime Bug Problem:  You click a button within the Cost of Smoking Program such as "Set Past (Future)Period 1 Parameters" and the following dialog box pops up stating "Run Time Error '13': Type Mismatch".

Runtime 13 Bug Solution: This program was written with US currency in mind (any new version will fix this inconsistency) and does not understand non US currency nomenclature and hence the bug.  To force the program to run correctly, change the currency status to US (English) by following the procedure below:

1. Go to Control Panel

2. Click the "Regional and Language Options" Icon

3. Click the "Customize" button on the Default (left most) Regional Options Tab.

4. Switch from the non US country to "US (English)"

5. Apply the change


When you are done with the Cost of Smoking program, switch the language back to it's original value.